Little Books

“Малките книжки” са предназначени за най-малките ученици и деца в детска градина. Малките истории включват често повторяеми думи и рими. Приказките са базирани на теми, които децата обичат. Илюстрациите са цветни и привлекателни и насърчават децата да искат да ги слушат.

Level 1

A boy is playing with his marbles… but wait… where are the marbles ?
Two curious coloured pencils set off to explore the world.
When the hardware shop closes, a battle begins between two cans of spray paint.
There’s a new member in Lisa’s family, and she’s excited!
Jane, Tom, and Mum are making cookies. And Boxer, the dog, finds them delicious!
Mandy is looking for her doll, Lucy, and she is in for a surprise!

Level 2

Mum can’t buy the teddy bear the kids want, but Yellow Ted will manage to come to them.
Three friends go into the old house to get their ball. What will happen there?
When Amy accidentally destroys her friend’s painting, she has an idea which makes Maria happy again.
When night falls and everybody is asleep, it’s party time for the toys!
The animals at the zoo are organising an escape! Will they manage to make it happen?
Little Emma loses her toy rabbit at the amusement park. But something will make her smile again!

Level 3

Mark loves cars. And his father has the perfect surprise for him!
The little black ant can’t find his mother in the garden.Oh, no! What will happen next?
Aunt Sally and the kids have a little secret. What will happen when their secret is revealed?
On a sunny day at the park, Peter and his grandfather see some funny things happening.
The animals at the zoo are organising an escape!Will they manage to make it happen ? On a cold winter’s day a brother and sister make Snowy, the snowman, to play.But what happens when the sun comes out?
Rick goes to bed and has a strange dream.Or does he?