Primary Readers

Primary Readers са насочени към млади, изучаващи английски език ученици. Тези очарователни разкази правят четенето едновременно приятно и образователно. Всички заглавия са налични в британски и американски издания.

Историите са внимателно класифицирани за шест нива и използват основни граматически структури и речник. Лъскавите, богати с илюстрации картинки на всяка страница помагат за стимулиране на курсистите и улесняват усвояването на учебния материал. Всяка книжка е разделена в секции от четири страници като всяка секция включва и две страници с упражнения.

Level 1

Join Ricky, Lulu and Sam as they journey to Cookie Land to save the cookie population from the terrifying Big Mouth! This enchanting tale is sure to delight young readers and make them very hungry, too.
Join Jasper, the leprechaun, and his friend Liam, and visit magic Rainbow Land. With them the angry villagers search for gold, but in the end they find something much more valuable.
A beautiful princess drops her favourite golden ball in the palace well. How will she get it back? A little frog offers to help her, but not without getting something in return... Read this classic fairytale, and discover how the spoiled princess will find her ball, together with something much more precious.
Nobody likes the little duckling because he’s ugly, so he sets off on his own. Will the poor duckling ever be happy again? Read this classic story and see how things can have an unexpected turn for the better.
Pinocchio is very naughty and keeps getting in trouble. How will he manage to become a real boy? An entertaining story that also teaches how important it is to be good and honest.
One day, a woman makes a yummy gingerbread man. But when she opens the oven door, the gingerbread man runs away.... What will become of the gingerbread man?

Level 2

Aladdin’s life changes when he meets a stranger. First he finds an old lamp and then he wears the stranger’s ring. Read along to find out why the lamp and the ring are so special. Share Aladdin’s magical adventure.
One day, a hungry little fox is walking in the forest... Read along and find out what adventure she gets herself into and how a true friend will try to help her. A classic story with a moral - and a lot of fun, too!
A big giant lives in a big house with a beautiful garden. Everybody likes his garden but the giant is selfish and wants it all to himself. Read and find out how the selfish giant changes and becomes kind.
The King has a new suit, and it’s the most beautiful one anyone has seen. Or is it? Read this amusing story and see what happened to the silly King.
In the farmer’s garden, something big is growing. And it’s not just big, but enormous! How will the farmer and his family manage to take the turnip out?

Level 3

In the farmer’s garden, something big is growing. And it’s not just big, but enormous! How will the farmer and his family manage to take the turnip out?
The miller’s daughter is in trouble. A strange little man with a funny hat offers her his help, but he wants a lot in return... See what happens next in this classic story and share the quest for the little man’s strange name.
Jingle, one of Santa’s elves, disappointed by the children’s selfishness, sets off for an adventure in the world of humans. On meeting Charlie his hopes will be raised again.
Puss in Boots is the tale of a very clever cat. He is so clever that not only he manages to find his poor master a new life but also a real princess to marry. Read and learn what tricks Puss uses to make all this happen.
A wicked witch curses a beautiful princess and she pricks her finger on a spindle stick. The princess falls into a deep sleep, together with everyone else in the palace. However, a handsome prince arrives to save the day... See how things have a happy ending in this classic fairy tale.
The Emperor hears the Nightingale sing, and takes it to his palace. But then another bird comes... What will the Emperor do? Find out how the Emperor learned to appreciate true beauty.
The shepherd boy thinks it’s funny to make all the villagers run to him when he cries ‘wolf’. But when the real wolf arrives, the shepherd boy will learn a lesson!

Level 4

This is the story of Mowgli - the jungle boy... Readers will be cheering Mowgli on as he does battle with Shere Khan and searches for his real home.
Omar makes a wish which turns out to be a disaster. Read along to find out how this boy learnt an important lesson.
Ali Baba discovers the forty thieves’ treasure by chance and becomes very rich. However, he will find himself in trouble more than once when the thieves come back for their riches... Read on to see how he will manage to outsmart all his enemies.
This is the story of Peter Pan, a little boy who didn’t want to grow up. Readers will be excited by the adventures of Peter Pan and the Darling children when they fly to Neverland.
One day, a little giraffe is born in the jungle. But Jumaane is not like the other giraffes, he is different. Follow Jumaane’s story and find out what it means to be different and how this ‘difference’ will make a difference.
Heidi is a little girl who goes to live with her difficult old grandfather up in the Alps.Heidi will love her new life on the mountains and Grandfather will love Heidi and her appetite for adventure.

Level 5

Read this Greek myth and find out how a brave Athenian hero saved seven young men and seven young women from being sacrificed to the Minotaur.
During their adventures around the Mississippi River, Tom and his friend Huckleberry find out a lot about the real world of adults - emotions and superstitions, murder and revenge, starvation and slavery.
On his way to Ithaca, after the end of the Trojan War, Odysseus encounters mythical creatures, frightening monsters, and even the anger of the god Poseidon.
D’Artagnan wants to become a musketeer in the king’s army. With Athos, Porthos and Aramis he will have many adventures because now they are ‘one for all andall for one’!

Level 6

Read about Gulliver’s amazing journey to Lilliput and find out everything about this strange country and his adventures there.
This classic story still fascinates readers worldwide. Read about Robin Hood’s exciting adventures in Sherwood Forest.
Phileas Fogg and his faithful servant, Passepartout, will leave London. They will try to travel around the world in eighty days for a bet. Will they make it ? Or will the many adventures on the way make them lose the bet ?